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Private test for Herpes, Gonorrhea, Chlamydia in your Home

confidential STD tests in the privacy of your own home for
herpes, gonorrhea, chlamydia and other STD's

Okay, so you think that you may have been exposed to a sexually transmitted infection.

Now is not the time to panic. Let’s just find out if you have been exposed.

For whatever reason, you may not want to go down to your family’s medical practitioner or local health clinic and request a test for a sexually transmitted disease. We’ve all been there and there are many reasons to use Private Diagnostics.

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Private Diagnostics is an at home laboratory service that can give you the answers that you need in a safe and confidential manner. This means that you know the information first…not your insurance provider or your local medical practitioner. And we will get the information to you in such a way that ensures that no one else but you will know the test results.

Private Diagnostics provides professional laboratory services that you can order right here. Just read the provided information regarding the infections, the symptoms and what kind of test that we offer that can help you to find out if you have been exposed.

Then just order the test. We send the test kit to you at the address you specify. You collect the specimen and mail it in a pre-paid overnight box. No one knows who you are. Then the results come to Private Diagnostics and we send you the results in a secure manner with a password that only you and Private Diagnostics know.

Private Diagnostics…a personal, private and professional laboratory service. At home.

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