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Facts About Testing for Herpes, Chlamydia, and Gonorrhea

How long will it take to get my test kit once I have placed my order?

 We will ship your collection kit after 24 hours. Depending upon where you live it could take 5 to 6 days to get to you.

Is there a priority shipping?

 Yes, we ship regular USPS at no additional charge, international for $175, 1 day FedEx for $85 and 2 day FedEx for $50.

Is the test kit easy to use and how does it work ?

Please read our detailed instructions which describe how to use private lab tests.

When will I get my results?

 How soon you receive your laboratory results depends upon which test you ordered. If you ordered the Chlamydia or gonorrhea test, you should receive you results approximately 2 to 3 days from the time you send off your specimen to the lab. If you order the Herpes laboratory test, you should receive your results approximately 5 to 7 days from the time you send off your specimen to the lab.

Will my specimen be safe in the mail?

 Yes. Private Diagnostics uses certified laboratory quality mailers.

Is the lab licensed?

Yes. The laboratory that Private Diagnostics uses is accredited as well as CLIA certified.

Will my results be confidential?

 Yes. Your results will be accessible only through your personal order number and unique password.

 If I order more than one test will I get a price break?

 Yes. Please see the ordering section of the website for pricing information.

How do I get in contact with someone if I have questions regarding the tests?

The best way to contact Private Diagnostics with any questions is through email. We constantly monitor the emails and will respond to your questions with 24 hours.